Six weekly bouquets of organically grown flowers! Grown in Two Harbors, delivered up the North Shore. 


Our Flower CSA delivery season is from August 3 - September 7. We deliver on Wednesday afternoons to our four drop sites. You are responsible for picking up your bouquet at your assigned drop site. Please pick your desired drop site from the list. Please read through our entire Terms & Conditions for other details. 


FARM: Agate Acres Farm (ready after 2pm)

1109 Two Harbors Rd 


TWO HARBORS: Cedar Coffee Co (ready after 2:30pm)

1130 11th Street County 26


BEAVER BAY: Red Raven North (ready after 3:30pm)

1017 Main St


TOFTE: Birch Grove Community School (ready after 4:30pm)

9 Good Neighbor Hill


**We are excited to coordinate member drivers to pick up multiple boxes, particularly for our members who live 25 miles plus from our drop sites (e.g. Finland, Grand Marais, Hovland, etc). This would/could mean that an assigned person(s), would pick up multiple boxes from a drop site and drive them to a designate spot closer to members homes. This would be a volunteer position and could rotate between members (meaning one person could do it all season, or several people could each be assigned a couple weeks). We, Emily & Kyle, would help coordinate the volunteer drivers and assign driving days to them. This coordinated effort and support from our members helps lessen our drive time and expense. We are gateful for your help! Please indicate in the drop down menu if you are interested in being a volunteer driver.**


2022 Flower CSA Share

  • Agate Acres Farm CSA Member Terms & Conditions

    *Applies to vegetable, flower, and syrup members*


    CSA Definition

    “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a production and marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. Consumers become CSA members by paying an agreed amount at the beginning of the growing season. This upfront payment helps buy the seed and other inputs needed for the season and provides the farmer an immediate income to begin the season. By paying at the beginning of the season, CSA members share in the risk of production and relieve the farmer of much of the time needed for marketing. This allows the farmer to concentrate on good land stewardship and growing high quality food.” -NC State Extension.


    Shared Commitments

    Agate Acres Farm agrees to provide organically grown vegetables (vegetable CSA members), flowers (flower CSA members), and other products (ie, maple syrup, etc) during our set season. For 2022, this season runs from Jun 22, 2022 until Sep 28, 2022, with weekly box deliveries on Wednesdays. 


    We grow a very large variety of vegetables and flowers, as to reduce the risk posed by unpredictable weather, pests, and drought.  Both Agate Acres Farm and CSAmembers share the risk of partial or complete crop shortages and/or failures. 



    It is also likely that because of the diversity of vegetables and flowers grown there is a chance of a surplus for some products. Both Agate Acres Farm and CSA members share in the surplus of high yields and extra product. 


    Variety in Box

    Due to the nature of seasonality and growing at such a northern latitude, the size and number of items in members boxes will fluctuate throughout the growing season.  


    Picking Up Your Weekly Share

    Shares will be at their designated drop sites on Wednesday afternoons. All shares must be picked up by 9pm. After that are not picked up by 9pm will be donated. See the table below for your designated dropsite. You are responsible for picking up your share from your designated location. If you are NOT able to pick up the share (ie, vacation, sickness, work, etc), it is your responsibility to find someone else to pick it up. 

    Drop Site

    Time of Arrival on Wednesday

    Agate Acres Farm


    Two Harbors - Cedar Coffee Co


    Beaver Bay - Red Raven North


    Tofte - Birch Grove School (shed)



    Weekly Box Return

    Your vegetable CSA will arrive in a plastic tote box. Please return this tote box to the drop site prior to the next Wednesday. All boxes must be returned clean!! Clean means that the box has been rinsed and dried. Dirty boxes mean that your farmers have to spend lots of very precious time cleaning boxes. We spray boxes each week with a food safe, vinegar based disinfectant. 



    We will communicate with you via email primarily. Please designate one person to be the point of contact for your membership (particularly if you share membership with two or more households). The person will also be responsible for reading the weekly newsletter. Reading the newsletter is very important as this is where we will communicate updates.

    Do not call drop site businesses if you are going to not be able to pick up your box. Communicate with the farm please.



    Payment for CSA membership is due at the time of purchase from our website. Memberships are non-refundable, any full or partial refund is at the sole discretion of Agate Acres Farm. If you wish to transfer your membership to a 3rd party, please email Transfer of your share to a 3rd party requires written permission via email from Agate Acres Farm.


    Privacy Policy

    Agate Acres Farm will not sell your private information.